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Stupid software! You did exactly what I told you!

If you don't see any posts for the next few days (hey, it could happen) it's because I'm removing roads from a TOAW scenario map, one hex at a time. Evidently I hit the "fill to borders" option by mistake. *sigh*

I'm also taking a break from EVE while I train Refinery Efficiency V. That'll take me a month, and I figure if anything important happens (like, say, BoB relocating to Scalding Pass somehow) jamestrainor or thaadd will let me know.

In other news, the Penguin Cafe Orchestra is pretty cool. I may have to buy some.

Unrelated: Cowzilla is refusing to boot up normally unless the external hard drive is disconnected. WTF.
Tags: eve, music, tech stuff, wargames
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