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muddling around in timeline 191 and elsewhere

Didn't get anything out of storage or the mailbox yesterday on account of working until 3 PM and not being really motivated to do anything afterward except motor out to Ashburn and hang out with P and RS. I did get Masha and my blank CDs, at least.

Today, I slept in until almost noon. Never got around to doing the laundry, but I did get out to do grocery shopping and pick up a fresh box of bandages. Wasted most of the afternoon trying to find an OB for the 2nd Cavalry Division (or even the 1st in its 1939/40 horse version) , since I've been seized with the desire to render the Ohio campaign from Turtledove's Settling Accounts series. It would be kind of weird and kicky to render Featherston's CSA as a force organized along German lines and using British (or French) equipment while the USA sticks to the historical organization and equipment - but with the M3 Grant (doubtless renamed the Custer) as starting equipment in 1941 and then quickly being replaced by the Sherman.

It's been suggested that I take advantage of Virginia's relatively lax CPA regulations and go for one, but the idea leaves me cold for several reasons. The big one, of course, is that I've been doing postgraduate work for the last six years, often at the same time I've been working on Anime Detour and Convergence. I want to take a few years and just chill, okay? Work 9-5 (or 8-6, as the case may be) and have my off hours be mine, all mine, for a change. For a few years. Then maybe I'll think about this CPA thing. Maybe. After all, I'm not a real accountant - just a data entry clerk who knows his way around the general ledger a bit. So far they've been letting me play one on the org chart, but you never know when that's going to change.

Had to put down The Atrocity Archive tonight; for some reason, parts of it were making me intolerably melancholy, and I wasn't even listening to James McMurtry or Jason & the Scorchers. What's up with that, brain?
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