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Some's better than none

The weigh-in this noon says I dropped 0.2 pounds this past week, which isn't much, but it is a loss and I'll take it. Just in time for the State Fair, they were handing out an unofficial point value sheet for some of the more common snacks at the Fair, and bearing in mind that my daily point limit is 34 points some of these items are pretty horrendous - brownies 15 points, corn dogs 16, footlong w/chili and cheese 16, gyros 15...the list goes on and one, reflecting the unfortunate truth that most of the food at the Fair is either dripping with fat, breaded and fried, or mostly composed of high fructose corn sweeteners. (Bag of Mini-Donuts: 25 points.) One bit of helpful advice was to share the food, which strikes me as a very good idea.

I'm not too sanguine about next week's weigh-in. Whatever's wrong with my foot/leg, the doctor's advice was to rest it, and that's not going to be too easy. Especially if phoenixalpha insists on trying to use me as her personal taxi to downtown instead of using her alarm, getting her butt up and catching the bus.
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