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not much of a weekend ahead

It's the end of 2007, so us accountants are all jumping through our asses trying to get invoices into the system for payment, close out old contracts, and fix things that are screwed up before the books are closed on 2007. Since our main payment software has been flaky all week as the Beltsville folks move into new quarters and Verizon seizes the opportunity to screw us once again, this means we get to work tomorrow. :( Whether it's fifteen minutes or four hours remains to be seen; AC (the aforementioned software) may not even be up tomorrow.

You'd think after eightsixteen years our Democrat friends would have gotten tired of the "hurr, W is a stoopid moron, ha ha ha!" meme, but evidently it salves their pride on some level. Or something. Me, I wouldn't be so eager to advertise that I'd gotten my ass consistently kicked by an alleged simpleton, but I'm just an old Falangist and clearly don't understand kids these days. *shrug*

So, I think I'll load my dishes into the dishwasher and call it a night, but first, a Cobb comic for your entertainment:
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