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Friday morning linkagery

Or should that be "linkagerie" as in "menagerie"? Is that a Bush/Kerry thing?

Cobb has a series of excellent posts about race, keying off a pissing content between Dean Esmay and Oliver Willis on the subject, and since I don't care for either one of those bozos they get no linky-love from me. Cobb, OTOH - read all the damn posts starting here and working your way up. Read the comments, too. And the links. His basic point about most white people being afraid to talk about race for fear of being Mau-Maued as racists is one that I see the truth of all the time in these parts.

Ambra's back and blogging again with some comments on the convention and the hassles of being young enough to fight in Iraq - and pay the penalty for being perceived as "irresponsible" at the car rental counter. Amen, sister.

Michelle Malkin has a few comments on last night's protesters trying to disrupt W's speech, and further up spreads a little linkylove of her own.

All of the usual suspects (Instapundit, Allah, Vodkapundit) are blogging about the convention, and you know where to find them.
Tags: culture & politics, linkagery
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