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Another great start to the week

Not only did I manage to lose my glucose meter somewhere between here, Mom's, and Harris Teeter last night,
the payroll office has struck again and NOT PAID ME. God damn them all.

UPDATE: Apparently the money was hung up in a suspense account at SunTrust since the iggerant jerks in Beltsville once again sent through the transaction with the wrong account number. This was supposed to have been fixed in December, and obviously was not. My temper was not improved by the payroll clerk informing me that this "was an HR problem". Excuse me? I've been here for almost three months now. It's well past time to quit blaming your fuckups on the inprocessing team. Anyway, the money should show up in my account sometime around midnight. We'll see. I have zero faith in the ability of these people to walk and chew gum at the same time, but miracles have been known to happen.

UPDATE 2: Of course it didn't show up.
Tags: medical stuff, work
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