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Not a complete waste of time, I guess

The company kickoff meeting this afternoon was blessedly short and notable mainly for two things: an impassioned fifteen-minute talk about financial planning by a former NFL defensive end who is now with Primerica, and the announcement that there was something like $1.6 million in the bonus pool as a result of the company's awesome performance in 2007. I'm not expecting a big slice of that pool, since I didn't come aboard until the last week of October, but any extra money will be welcome. On the other hand, the gal in estimating that does lunch with the Accounting Horde is leaving us soon to go back to college. We would have liked to take her on as a part-timer, but I guess they don't do that here. :(

Nothing on the agenda except a stop at the Alexandria city central library to get a card and maybe some books; some internet spaceships are also quite possible.
An early bedtime is also on the to-do list.
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