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Changes and stuff

I'd forgotten how awfully cold a concrete floor is, even with a carpet and a sleeping bag between me and it. Tonight I am not turning down the thermostat, and consequentially should sleep a lot better.

Work has shifted around a bit; I am now concentrating on accounts payable while Luis does receivables and Leo plays manager as well as Soother of Unpaid Subcontractors and head of the accounting team, since Todd sloped off to Beltsville to do CFO stuff and won't be seen in Springfield any more, it seems. Well, whatever. I was busy before, I'll continue to be busy now, but it'll be a more concentrated busy. Tomorrow not so much, since we'rewasting an entire afternoon having a corporate kick-off meeting at one of the local Marriotts.

Saw my new primary care physician this morning; it was pretty much an intake session as she got acquainted with my various ills, prescriptions, and all that. Kaiser does have large scales for large people such as I, it turns out, and now I know that I weigh 418.2 pounds with my shoes on and my pockets full, which probably means I'd weigh about 415 at Weight Watchers. Most of the other numbers are good, but I'm going to have a fasting blood test and other fun lab stuff on Friday morning before I see the podiatrist, and an ultrasound of my liver next week before I see Dr. Langille on the 22nd. She's only around on Tuesdays and Thursdays since she has two wee young children, and it also turns out she's from Nova Scotia and went to school with a lot of Trainors there; evidently I have a lot of distant relations in the Maritimes. For all I know beatonna could be a cousin of mine. Anyway, her husband works at the Canadian Embassy, which explains what a doctor from Nova Scotia is doing down here. Lucky me. :)

Time to go to bed and see if I can get a decent night's sleep without waking up periodically from dreams in which I am reenacting "To Build A Fire" somewhere in the snow drifts east of Thule.
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