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Acceptance, rejection, eBay and socks

Today is starting off fairly sucky. I took the truck to the park n' ride and caught the bus in, arriving early enough to pick up a McBreakfast on the way in to work. That was okay, but I was halfway down the WF Center to the elevator when I thought one of my leg tendons was going to come ripping right out of my leg. I slowed down and limped into the elevator and have been taking it very very slowly since then...swilled down a couple of ibuprofen with the morning OJ and vitamin and am trying to do some calf stretching. Hard to tell if it's working. Not a good sign for tomorrow's jaunt to the fair, not at all.

Since I drove downtown yesterday in order to accommodate phoenixalpha, I decided to catch dinner at Chipotle upstairs from Nick & Tony's with her and then ferry her out to the Sprawl so she could meet up with Karl & Joella. (She's getting a driver's license this school year, or else.) After some conversation over dinner, I bid them adieu and motored on home to feed and water the cat and catch the rest of the Republican Convention.

I caught some of Pataki's speech on the way home. God, is he awful. He makes Ben Stein's trademark persona sound like Eddie Murphy by comparison, that's how bad he is. Still, he got off some good zingers at Kerry's expense (fish, barrel, shotgun) and got the crowd sorta kinda fired up with his message of thanks to America for all the help that people poured into New York after 9/11.

The President's speech was good and solid. Not a four-alarm full-tilt rave-up like Giuliani's or an angry double-barreled jeremiad like Zell Miller's, but a calm, cool, laid-back and occasionally self-deprecating talk about where we're going in the next four years of a Bush administration. Perversely, the two idiots who tried to disrupt his speech actually helped him when they tried to upstage him; the crowd drowned them out with shouts of FOUR MORE YEARS and security dragged them out posthaste. (Funny, I don't remember any Republicans doing that at the Democratic convention. Wonder why that was?) You can find all the reactions worth reading at Allah's joint and Lileks' Bleat; you already know what Kos and O-Dub and the rest of the losers on the left (Among which we may now number Andrew Sullivan. Unsurprisingly, it does indeed turn out to be all about the gay for him.) are going to say about the speech.

I put up a bunch more CDs on eBay last night during the speeches and postponed laundry for another night when I found an extra pair of socks in the clean hamper.
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