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song title says it all

Got back from shopping and promptly ate dinner, which means it was too late to get my laundry through the wash and dry cycles before it was time to leave for what is now home...or where I'm hanging my notional helmet for now, at any rate. I have all the essentials here thanks to a late-night stop by Shoppers Food Warehouse, though I still need to recover some stuff (like my half & half and the nuclear egg poacher) from Mom's. Perversely, I didn't use my suitcases and so wound up packing most of my stuff into plastic bags, which was dumb and awkward. Well, there's always tomorrow night, which will mostly be about books, laundry and wargames.

Been thinking this weekend that it might be to my long-term advantage to liquidate the Cardboard Box Fund (or most of it) and kill off various debts to Wells and BoA (was MBNA). I can't pay off the car loan, but I think I can get rid of the two credit cards and the line of credit. We'll see how it actually looks when I get the papers from Wells at the end of the week.

Tired and a little sore...think I'll eat my yogurt, take a couple Tylenol, and curl up in the sleeping bag for the night...0700 comes all too early at my age.
Tags: drang nach osten
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