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field expedients

Well, P's toe was too messed up for her to help with any kind of moving today, so I settled for strapping pkat's old drafting chair to the roof of the Sportage with bungee cords and getting some boxes of kitchen stuff out of the storage locker. Got a shower curtain from Wal-Mart, put it up, and unpacked most of my coffee cups along with miscellaneous stuff from the old kitchen. My kitchen gear now consists of a can opener, a teaspoon, and two bread knives. :3

Tomorrow after I do laundry and pack stuff up here, I'm going to haul my clothes, laptop, and whatever else I can fit into my suitcases & bag over to the apartment. This will probably require a couple of trips, but that's okay. I probably wouldn't be doing anything useful tomorrow otherwise, besides finishing Mom's grocery shopping (neither Shoppers Food Warehouse nor Wal-Mart stock chorizo or corned beef briskets) and getting laundry done. There's an extra sleeping bag downstairs, and Mom says I can borrow the extra pillows & stuff from this here bed I've been sleeping in these last few months until I can get the rest of my stuff moved in and unpacked. I can manage with that.
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