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2007 in review

In January, P moved to Virginia in pursuit of a job that turned out not to be what she hoped it would be. The moving party was full of drama and fail. Nothing of great importance happened in the rest of the month, although there was great amusement at Lileks' snarky takedown of a French philosopher who was far, far too pretentious.

The multitudes were stumped by a Bob Dylan quote, and later quite exercised by my dissing organic foodz. I started playing EVE-Online on the 24th and joined Goonfleet at the end of the month.

March was full of fail, mostly because of Anime Detour registration. (redmartel has my complete sympathy, as he's been saddled with the job this year.) I started out the month coping with cellulitis, which didn't help matters. I felt pretty good about AD2007 as it ended, but as I had time to think about it I got more depressed. Seeing 300 at the end of the month helped some.

I started April by suffering another leg infection right before Good Friday. Nothing much happened the rest of the month; I spent a lot of time playing internet spaceships.

I finally started helping thaadd with Convergence programming stuff in May, which was good because it really started getting hot and heavy really quickly. I also (for the first time) took a post private out of concern for a family member. The end of the month kind of sucked as Commissar Mittens launched the Threadnought in response to CCP's stonewalling on some EVE game management issues only to bail, setting off one hell of a dramabomb.

June came and went with nothing of great significance happening except for Claycon, which was awesome as usual, and another leg infection striking on the 23rd.

July started with Convergence, about which I have some remaining disgruntlement; in the following week, we laughed at Larry Sabato, not with him. The following week, thaadd hosted the first Minneapolis EVEmeet at the Wilde Roast Cafe, and that was Good. Also falling into that category was qob and friends' production of X Shakespeare Plays in X Minutes, which was hilarious. At the end of the month, I packed up all my stuff and left the Evil Banking Neighbor, and followed that by helping pkat and shorinai move. Hey, stuckintraffik, you remember the epic battle with the couch on the stairs? Oy gevalt.

August began with another cellulite infection and toe surgery, the former of which wiped me out enough so I couldn't say goodbye to Diversicon. Instead I got up early that Saturday and took my Spanish Praxis II. In the second week of August, jamestrainor and I had a packing party at my place. This culminated with the movers descending on my apartment and removing hundreds of boxes, after which the Kia died and Lauren cooked assloads of great food for my farewell party. Unfortunately my departure was delayed a week by 401k malfunctions...also, my phone died. I made it to the StippleAPA collation from the hotel anyway. The long drive east finally happened on the 19th after I spent a couple of days farting around, tying up loose ends, and all that. I reached Dayton on the 21st, spent a couple of days playing tourist at the Air Force Museum. I finally got to Virginia on the 25th after an unfortunate detour through West Virginia and began looking for work while living out of various hotels. (It must have been the heat.) Spent the rest of the month getting on board with the local Accountemps office and getting back in touch with my friends.

In September I started temping at Strayer University and moved in at my Mom's place. The rest of the month was eaten by snakes a sinus infection.

October came, the Strayer assignment ended, I got older (but with more memory in my laptop) and spent a week waiting for Accountemps to find me work. There was no work to be had at the IRS. :(
Eventually my luck changed for the better and I started working at the Little Construction Company That Could. Eventually (like, a couple of days later) they hired me. I celebrated by going to the Goonfleet Fleetmeet.

November was pretty unremarkable except for my new employers' payroll section screwing up my pay, a pattern that has continued over the next two pay periods. Oh yeah, there was another DC Fleetmeet.

December began with a horrible cold, and that didn't go away until, well, pretty much after Christmas. I got double pay the week of Christmas, which meant I didn't get paid on New Year's Eve. The Kia passed 100,000 miles, and besides that the holidays were pretty quiet. I did sign the lease for an apartment at Foxchase, and will move in later this month when I can pay people to move my stuff out of storage. Booya.
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