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Monday linkagery

Apparently the anti-WalMart folks have an English equivalent in Tesco-bashers. Julie Burchill isn't having any of that.

An article by Noemie Emery chronicles the Congressional Democrats' "surge against the surge", and Jeff Kouba cites it to correct a Susan Lenfestey claim in the Strib that "there was never any doubt that the surge would work". Of course not, Susan. But don't tell Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. (Mitch Berg)

Elsewhere, Professor Death points to a Reuters article that indicates parasites may be a bigger health problem in America than previously thought. Makes sense to me; all those feral cats & dogs in the city don't scoop their own poop, after all.

Cobb has Ron Paul pegged as a loon (and draws the expected fire from RoPabots in comments), thinks blacks who keep whining about "the Southern Strategy" should put up or shut up, and has a cool Christmas family pic. Even if his Spousal Unit can't keep the hard face. :)
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