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Goodbye, Woodrow Wilson, and good riddance

Signed an agreement to lease an apartment in the Foxchase complex, which I'd been looking at for a couple months now. I didn't score the "deposit now, get $500 off January rent" deal, but I did get a discount on the deposit and app fee, so it all works out. No washer & dryer in the apartment, but the laundry room is right across the hall. I'll be signing the lease on the 28th and hope to get everything set up after January 1, maybe sooner if I can rent a couple of guys and a truck before then.

Nothing I ordered has shown up in the mail yet, but then I didn't expect it to.

Spent most of the afternoon doing Christmas and other shopping while waiting for P and RS to finish their shopping, after which P and I had a talk about my medical situation, theological malpractice, and other, more pleasant subjects. We then went out to Warka for Ethiopian food; the gored-gored was disappointing (probably because the meat was RAW) and the kitfo didn't thrill me either. Perversely, the best thing on the platter was the shiro wot; the little salads and the potatoes were okay too. The injera looked remarkably like some hypoallergenic bandages I'd once sold on eBay, but it tasted better. All in all, I would rather have gone back to Willard's for more ribs. I had lunch there, a whole slab of pork ribs with no sides, and it was mighty fine. Will definitely eat there again. Warka - not only no, but fuck no.

Got MY SCORPION out of Konora and home to 1V. I seem to have left a bunch of blueprints in my other pants or something.

Alan Parsons' I Robot still rocks pretty hard.
Tags: domestic stuff, eve, family drama, fat

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