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Holy crap, people. I'm not dying yet. I'm not even close, really. All I said was that some of my blood tests for liver & kidney function weren't looking too good, my s2bx primary care nurse practitioner was not happy with them and thought I should go on insulin, and that I wanted a second opinion. From my new primary care physician. In January. Why is everyone assuming I'm half in love with easeful death, already?

I also want to give dieting and exercise one more try once I move into my new place. I have this odd notion that since I won't be trying to fill staff roles on two major conventions, going to night school, or working 40 hours a week at a job I hate, I might actually be able to accomplish something in the weight reduction field. Especially since new apartment will have several swimming pools (and weight rooms) and Kaiser offers discounts on Weight Watchers. So if I peel off 20-30 pounds, a lot of things will work better, and I can avoid the needle longer. That's seriously worth doing if at all possible, and I believe it is possible.
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