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enough Latino food, already

Got paid today and headed for the bank over lunch, which allowed me to mail off the truck payment and the Haband order - I'm getting some sweats to replace my ancient & holy shorts, and some slippers to give my sneakers a break - as well as refueling the Kia and trying pupusas for the first time. They weren't bad, but the slaw was revolting and the sauce lacked fire. It was much like dribbling V-8 on the pupusas - not bad, but kind of meh. I wound up eating the sandwiches I'd packed as insurance against another payroll section fuckup once I'd finished the pupusas.

Thursday night and Friday afternoon will be taken up with company-related Christmas parties. I guess I better hustle out and get my Christmas cards tomorrow after work so I can get them done and in the mail by this weekend. onsenmark is getting one; anyone else want one? Leave a comment with your address, and don't assume I already have yours. Comments will be screened for privacy's sake, but if you want to be extra-safe you can always e-mail me.

Over at Goonfleet, the chatporn and consequent mockery continues as BoB begins to sound like every other alliance Redswarm has trashed this year. Sweet, sweet BoB tears!
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