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ahahahahaha, or, BEST WEEKEND EVER

I suppose most of this post really deserves the Jewbee icon, but this is Sunday, and I am nothing if not traditionalist. Even if the tradition is less than a year old.
Those of you not in the mood for adolescent humor about internet spaceships can skip the cut.

jamestrainor tipped me off to hilarity on the Goonfleet forums, and yea verily it was tremendously amusing, such that the fappage of goons on the thread was deafening. For the Mercenary Coalition, longtime allies of our hated enemies the Band of Brothers, had canceled their "contract" with BoB and reset their standings. Not only that, they'd jumped a bunch of their dreadnoughts into a BoB system literally minutes before the cyno jammer -which blocks such jumps- was activated, and proceeded to pwn everything in the system. Booya. The chatporn was AWESOME. I really really need to get my Beatbox of Doom down to where the action is and quit screwing around in Empire with my alt.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, I woke late and was treated to some unpleasant news, but it was mixed with good news and so wasn't totally depressing. After hanging up, I sucked down a mug of tea, showered, dressed, and rolled out to Ashburn since P and RS and I were going shooting. This was delayed by an accident on the 11th Street bridge, more specifically the ramp from the northbound bridge to 395 West. Somebody's day was completely fucked, since the entire ramp was shut down and there were four ambulance/EMT vans up there. Traffic was being forced off to 12th and M streets, but due to not being as familiar with the area as I used to be I wound up driving along the waterfront on O Street (pretty hideous) to Water Street and back to M in order to reach the South Capitol Street ramp onto 395. [/traffic wankery] Anyhow, between that, lunch, and a job-related delay on RS' part, we didn't get to the range until 1720 or so, at which point all the lanes were taken. Fortunately, someone left early, so P and I managed to put a couple dozen rounds downrange. I am becoming more confident with the Makarov, especially when firing the full metal jacket rounds, and considering the short ranges at which I expect to be using it (if need be) I have no doubt that I'll be effective. Although I have to say, one of these would be nice.

Audio drivers on Cowzilla are taking the day off. Again. :(
On the other hand, I has generic guaifenesin FTW. Mmmm, thinning bronchial secretions. :)
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