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we got the power, we got the music

No mail run to Chantilly today; P is busy with other matters and since shooting has been rescheduled for tomorrow accordingly, there doesn't seem much point to running out there today. Besides, I still have a bunch of crap in my lungs, so staying home with my feet up sounds like a wiser choice anyway.

Saw this earlier in the week but couldn't fully appreciate it until I got Cowzilla's sound working again: Tom Wolfe speaks at Duke. Some very good tips for aspiring writers in here, even if one plans on writing SF or fantasy. (Ed Driscoll)

Ed also has an interesting essay in which he traces the radical decline in moviegoing to Jack Valenti's scrapping of the Production Code, and links to a WaPo review of a book on Joseph Breen and the Production Code Administration.

But wait! There's more! How about this steampunk LCD display? It's the kind of thing your great-grandma's Differential Engine might have sported! :)
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