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another hot one out on highway 11

Lunch today was from Red Hot & Blue thanks to a couple of our subcontractors, who apparently had the same idea at the same time...there was so much left over that they encouraged us to take some home. That's how I wound up bringing home an assload of ribs, some of which I'm now digesting with the help of a can of V-8. There should be plenty left for tomorrow.

Unsurprisingly, no paycheck today. Monday, they say. The payroll department is really doing its best to cripple my already feeble sense of corporate loyalty.

The change from Optimum Choice to Kaiser will actually make my life easier in one respect: only one doctor at the wound care clinic the nurse practitioner recommended takes OC, but all the rest are on Kaiser. I LOL'ed. Either way, no appointment until next year when I'll need a referral from my new primary care physician.

Since I'm full of rib meat goodness, I think I'll take a NyQuil and nod out. Laundry can wait for tomorrow morning.
Tags: food, medical stuff, work
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