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not well yet but I can see it from here

Not so much sneezing, coughing and nose-blowing today, which is good; maybe doubling up on the vitamins and washing them down with a supersized McOJ this morning helped more than I thought it would. Speaking of McDonald's, Greg Beato over at reason.com has an amusing little article on how all the fast food chains the Body Nazis are always whinging about may actually be better for us than the alternative. (Instapundit)

In the wake of this morning's briefing by the Kaiser Permanente sales droid -actually, she was a nice, moderately unflappable lady in her sixties- I'm debating whether I want to revert to my service brat roots and go with the KP HMO, or pay a third more in monthly premiums (to say nothing of co-pays & other annoyances) to keep the doctor & nurse practitioner I just started with. edminster's dad used to say very positive things about Kaiser, and since I have a week to make up my mind I think I'll give him a call and see if he still thinks that way.

Tempted to swing by the Foxchase Chipotle on the way home and then do a little shopping at the Harris Teeter, but Lord, I am tired. I think I'll just go home, have a sandwich, and go to bed. It's been a long week and I still feel short on sleep.

UPDATE: The fatigue was probably somewhat due to low blood sugar, because I felt better after dining at Generous George's. Also managed to get the sound codec working on Cowzilla when I got home. Go me.
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