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"Graves are not for the dead."

It being the seventh anniversary of my father's death, P and I went to Arlington National Cemetery to visit his grave. I read some of the prayers from the Memorial Mass for the Dead, choked up partway through the Gospel part, and then got on with the rest of it okay. After that, we decided to do some tourist stuff and saw some interesting things: the USS Serpens memorial, the gigantic memorial to the Confederate dead, and finally the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We hung around to observe the change of the guard, which is pretty impressive if you're the kind of person who enjoys watching precision drill - and as a former drill team member, I am. Melody was amused that some of the tourists appeared to take offense when the Sergeant of the Guard announced that when the Cemetery closes, it becomes a restricted military area and therefore they need to leave. I LOL'ed. Stupid civilians.

Pho at the Pho Bistro in Ashburn with RS followed. I dropped some extra jalapenos into my pho ga, though I'm not sure it needed it. The spring rolls and peanut sauce were also A++++, would eat there again.

Came home to see that Carlos had done Big Shopping at Sam's Club or someplace similar; there were huge quantities of stuff everywhere. Mom says he bought so much meat that I'm on the hook for $80 of it, which I find a little hard to believe. Even with all the stuff in the fridge, I seriously doubt there's $160 worth of lunch meat in there, and if there is, he went overboard. *shrug*

Spent the rest of the evening ripping the four CDs I bought at Best Buy ( 2 Judas Priest, one Rush and one Scorpions) and the one I won on eBay. I'd forgotten that latter had a couple of songs that flicked emotional scar tissue, but that's memory for you. I'm going to change skills in EVE and then hit the sack so my sleep cycle doesn't get too goofed up...oh wai-
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