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invisible clerical collar strikes again

I will write 100 times, "I will not discuss religion ever again with strangers I meet in bars," since based on tonight's sample and other unfortunate experiences, it seldom ends well. Best results approach zero if one of the random strangers is a Protestant trying to convince his Irish Catholic divorcee GF that they should get married in the Lutheran Church instead of waiting for the annulment tribunal so they can get hitched in the Catholic Church. Tonight's sample ended with me calling the Lutheran BF an asshole after he compared Catholics to Nazis. He followed me out to the truck hollering and yelling but couldn't quite work up the nerve to take a swing. So much the worse for him; he did have the sense to back away from the truck after I told him "I don't want your apology, I want you to get the hell away from me and away from my truck." Maybe he thought I was going to run him over if he didn't. *shrug*

Appointment with new primary care physician this morning turned into appointment with nurse practitioner who specializes in diabetes treatment. It went pretty well. She gave me a referral to a wound care clinic for my leg, a new prescription for Cozaar since she didn't like the looks of my blood pressure, and a slew of tests that I got done at the lab on the way in to the office. Next appointment is with the real doctor in two weeks, and we'll see what happens from there. For now, I'm continuing with the Actos, Glipizide and Glucophage and seeing what that does. NP is a woman on a mission: she went into this specialty after her daughter was diagnosed as a Type I diabetic at age six. As long as she doesn't drag my kids into this I think we're going to have a good professional relationship.

Paid back Leo and Luis for past lunches at the Worst Kebab Place Ever today. Leo ordered me an Afghan gyro, which had authentic gyrobeast slices and was not burned. This made up for the last two (burned) lamb kebabs, but I'm still not impressed by the place.

Almost making up for the religious tonteria this evening is the discovery of beatonna and her website, wherein reside such cool things as this cartoon about Prince Edward Island: land of my paternal ancestors! And potatoes! Did I mention potatoes? I wish I'd gone somewhere where they served potatoes instead of pasta tonight. :(
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