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Unproductive evenings

The last couple of nights I've been really burned out when I get home, and have had just about enough energy to make dinner, surf a little, and crash early with some AMVs singing me to sleep. Maybe it's this damn ankle. Last night wasn't much different, though it did finally occur to me that NPR would be carrying the RNC live, and I tuned in just in time to catch the last half of The Governator's speech. It was damn good, maybe not this good, but very good - he took the standard Democrat boilerplate line about Republicans being all striaght white racist bible-banging rich folks and threw it back in their teeth. Made me sorry I missed Steele's speech earlier, which apparently was quite da bomb in its own right.

Meanwhile, over in the sections of the Big Tent that don't realize they're inside yet, check out this post by Cobb on a likely political crossover between white and black evangelicals, and Avery Tooley in his new cyberdigs talkin' 'bout Allen Iverson, All-American Boy. Made me sit up and pay attention too. RTWT.
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