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Not sure I like this...

Six Apart bought by Russian media company. Press release here, along with a bunch of halfwitted comments. Given the way things have been going in Russia since Vladimir Putin became General Secretary of the CPSUPresident, I suspect people aren't going to like the way the new ownership deals with criticism or slash. Russians tend to be awfully prudish folks. Well, we'll see what happens.

I spent most of the day fiddling with my alt.

I'd forgotten how long it took to get into cruisers. Days and days of grinding frigate skills...in the meantime, I took a detour and got into destroyers. I'm liking this Cormorant, I am; eight high slots means it packs a lot of firepower, and there's enough room in the mid-slots to pack a full range of shield amps. I do need to build up my power skills. The Cormorant doesn't have enough grid/power to carry six 150mm railguns, which would really do a number on the kind of targets I'm finding on the L1 missions I'm getting. So why a destroyer, when the wiki says they're so useless? Because the whole point of having an alt is to do things different than my main, like using implants and flying weird ships on missions because I can.

Tomorrow, with any luck, I'll finally get paid. Even if I do, there will be words about this shit. In the meantime, I'm into the second volume of Churchill's History of the English-Speaking People, which starts with the Tudors - Henry VIII, his father, and his daughter for whom the current Queen is named. Everyone remembers that he was an awesome speaker; not so many people remember that he could write with just as much skill.
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