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MY SCORPION. Let me jam you hardcore with it.

The following (as well as the post title) will be gibberish to those of you not playing EVE, so you can skip the stuff behind the cut.

I decided to make the jump to battleships this week, partially because my sponsor Berrik Radhok dumped 250 million iskies on me and partially because I feel moderately guilty about not helping carry the load in fleet ops. So I chose to live up to my name and original plans, and bought a Scorpion in Minmatar space. I'm now going to spend the next week honing battleship and large weapon skills so I can hang out 200k from enemy anti-support ships and make their lives miserable at long distance; I already have the EW skills to do that, but it would be nice to kill some of my targets as well as frustrate them by constantly breaking their locks. First I have to get all the modules for my jamwagon together and get it back to Goonswarm space, though, which isn't as easy as it sounds since a whole bunch of corps have us wardecced at the moment and I'd just as soon not get japped and blown up in some low-sec shithole nine jumps from home. So, while I'm polishing my skills, my trusty alt will be running around Minmatar space stealing TVs and bicycles picking up the necessary modules to fully equip this interstellar beatbox of DOOM.

We finished the move to the new office today, with the predictable confusion, miscommunication, lost items, misplaced thingies, etc. We're not totally moved in, unfortunately, again thanks to those inept pinches chingadas at Verizon, who will not have our T-1 line in place until late Monday. They say. Personally, I'm betting on Tuesday, but since our local network will be up I won't really care all that much. I don't really care now, since I can do most of my work with the spreadsheets I have downloaded to my hard drive, and I can probably get access to do the rest from home if I have to.

Paycheck did not arrive at the bank or the office. I'll check with the bank again tomorrow.

Currently reading: Winston Churchill's A History of the English Speaking Peoples. Not out of the Danelaw yet.
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