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Now is the time when we jump through our asses

After a couple of days during which nobody knew if we were really moving or not (thanks, Verizon, you worthless fuckers) we finally got told to box everything up and head for Jita this afternoon. The move itself will happen tomorrow, the office network should be up tomorrow, and Intarweb access up on Monday. We'll see. I copied a couple of important reference spreadsheets to my hard drive, so once I'm set up I can plug in my trackball and start rockin'.

Been very tired lately, and the leakiness of my leg has increased. Going to do some much-delayed stuff on EVE and go to bed early, even though tomorrow will consist largely of standing around waiting for other people to get things done so I can sit down and get things done. The other part of tomorrow will consist of seeing if I got paid.
Tags: medical stuff, work
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