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Anime Fandom In Minnesota: A Partial History

One of the things that's mystified me (when I've had time to think about it) is why TCAAMS* never got a convention going here in the Twin Towns of Terror. They were organized enough to get 501(c)(3) status, which we're still working on. They had at least as many members as we did when we incorporated last year, raised the money to acquire a number of video projectors...and never got around to putting a convention together, which I think is what may have killed them as an organization.

Whatever the reason, we seem to have picked up most of their active members as members of the convention, if not the parent non-profit, and it occurred to me that I might save myself some skull sweat and paperwork time if ATC does a merger/takeover of TCAAMS. They have some assets, and we can certainly make them an offer of some sort. According to TJ, they didn't hold an annual meeting this year and technically have no officers, but we'll talk with last year's club leaders and see if we can work something out. There's a few grand in sales tax we could put to better use, there is.

*Twin Cities Anime And Manga Society.
Tags: anime detour, the bush of fandom

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