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quick notes before bedtime

Stayed late at the office tonight, but not because I was working - had to bash out the latest contribution to StippleAPA, which is being collated this Saturday. Got it composed and printed and will stop by a post office on the way to work in the morning...ah, who am I kidding? It'll probably get dumped in a USPS robot tomorrow night. Speaking of things fannish, I finally remembered to follow up with revolutionaryjo and geekboyonline about some Detour stuff.

Doing the APA at work reminded me of why I don't like writing on Cowzilla. I'm too used to the normal 101-key keyboard (with a Y key that functions consistently to boot) and the laptop's kibo is laid out "wrong". It's okay for doing short pieces for LJ, but anything longer is a pain in the butt. Yeah, it's an excuse, not a reason, but any distraction from writing will keep you from it. This is why Jerry Pournelle has a "monk's cell" that contains a computer with nothing on it but word processing software and a printer; otherwise it's too easy to let your mind wander off down the Intertubes on a random walk or get stuck into playing Civ IV or EVE-Online or some damn thing. I suspect this is why most of Blood Red Skies was done during slack time at the Evil Banking Neighbor.
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