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out, out!

Technically I've been off work since 1500 on account of Thanksgiving, but I put some extra time in since I wanted to prep the bills for handling on Monday...yeah, I have Friday off too. Wasn't supposed to, but the VP/Ops, he say stay home and don't take PTO. "Stay" is an easy command for this wombat. :)

My paycheck finally cleared, so I ordered some checks, paid for the last Jason & the Scorchers CD I'll ever need, which I won on eBay over the weekend, had the oil changed in the Kia, and treated myself to the new Windows version of The Operational Art of War. That came with a whole bunch of new scenarios, including a Russo-Polish War scenario which I am looking forward to tweaking into the 1930s. About half the check is going to make truck payments, since I was only able to make a partial payment last month. :(

Well, anyway...off to do some Thanksgiving shopping for Mom. Nothing big and fancy, no kosher turkey or even a Butterball, just a turkey roast and some side stuff. Works for me. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone; enjoy this John McWhorter essay on the unifying influence of the Great American Bird Feast (h/t Professor Death) and enjoy your holiday, no matter what you choose to eat.
Tags: culture w/o politics, domestic stuff
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