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So after all the angst and rage of the last couple days., my paycheck was waiting for me in my mailbox out in Chantilly - along with the mother-huge directory of physicians and clinics that made up most of the package from HR. WTF, people, wtf? Why send all this to my PO box when you could just as easily have sent it in the interoffice mail?

Anyhow...I deposited the check at a SunTrust on Centerville Road, took out $100, refueled the Kia, and headed off to Mark Taylor's for gaming. Paul Hammer and a fellow I hadn't met before were there, and we played one game of Munchkin followed by many games of Guillotine. This latter was clearly the favorite game of the night, since it allowed for plenty of bad jokes, lewd comments, and references to classic movies.

I suppose the smart thing to do would have been to head for the local Wal-Mart, get the bandages & Claritin I was low on/out of, and head home. However, as a Goonfleet member, I did the not-so-smart thing and went to Dr. Dremo's to hang with the lads from the Fleet. I mean, Sesfan was supposed to be there, and he was. He remembered me from my constant attendance at PVP ops in the desperate days right before the Titan nerf, which was nice for my ego, and confirmed that I was indeed the oldest guy in Goonfleet. Wow. Also attending was the Mittani's wife, dark and Gothic in leather jacket, short black skirt, and leather boots. Yeow. Hard to understand how he could pull himself away from her long enough to pay attention to EVE, much less running the GIA, but there are many things I have no need to know. This is one of them. (Come to think of it, she reminds me of stuckintraffik's better half. Weird.) Fleet Meet broke up around 0145, one Redneck Ale and four Diet Cokes after I got there, and I headed for home to take meds and giev LJ entry.

Shopping later today after sleep.


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Nov. 18th, 2007 03:27 pm (UTC)
I was actually chatting with someone recently in my corp - an alt from Goons (who true to form, would not say who his main was... but that's very rude question to ask an alt, anyways)...

I went down the list of Goons I knew, and he remembered you, said he'd chatted with you a few times. The irony being ofc, that this was the person I just discovered who lives in...Bloomington. Funny, eh?

In other news, my cute little combat alt should be ripe enough with learning skills according to Evemon in about 2 weeks. What's the sponsor process again? (grin) I've been advised by the very nice ladies on Women Gamers of Eve to hold off on using teamspeak or saying anything about gender for about a month, if possible. Get established before people start acting weird. And that If I admitted my 'main' was a year old NPC corpie, I would never, ever be allowed to forget it! So this is just a 'second character I rolled after trying to be a carebear' I think was the preferred phrasing...
Nov. 19th, 2007 04:31 pm (UTC)
The irony being ofc, that this was the person I just discovered who lives in...Bloomington. Funny, eh?

That is pretty weird. On the other hand, there are assloads of Goons in the DC area, and Fearless Leader may be relocating here after his unpleasantness with Penn State is concluded, so...jamestrainor probably knows them too; he's been with GF a lot longer than I have.
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