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plans subject to change without notice

Well, today was depressing. Everyone (with direct deposit, that is) was expecting to get paid today, since payday is Monday, but instead the only people who got paid were the people who get actual paychecks in the interoffice mail. My first paycheck could show up in my account tomorrow, or possibly after midnight on Monday. At one point today I was checking my account every hour or so until I realized I was just stoking my sullen anger and needed to stop, which I did.

One of my co-workers is going to Costa Rica for two weeks, and we were trying to get everything almost kinda sorta caught up before he left. So I was at work until 7, which was no strain since I'd had kung pao beef for lunch (Thanks, Mom!) although sometime around 6 PM it did occur to me that it was a little weird to be putting in extra effort on the Payday that Wasn't. I had a drink of water, grabbed another invoice and drove on.

So, we'll see what happens tomorrow morning. If my paycheck shows up, then I'll probably go apartment hunting in the morning on the way to Chantilly and see if I can balance gaming at Mark's with the Goonfleet meet at Dr. Dremo's. If it doesn't, well, I dunno. I'll still have to go out to Chantilly, but everything else will be iffy due to the lack of cash flow.
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