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Unsettling continuity

So the Tres Hombres of the accounting section went out to happy hour after work tonight, where we were joined by the Marketing Chick and the woman from estimating. Much griping about the staffing problem ensued - management seems to understand the idea that when you get more work you need to hire more project managers and more subcontractors, but they don't quite get the need for more bodies on the admin side as well. So right now we're in a situation very familiar to me from the Cold War days, except that now I'm the one in the outfit with way more teeth than tail. Sucks to be in the overworked tail. The griping about management reminded me of similar happy hours with folks at the Evil Banking Neighbor....oh, well. At least nobody at the construction company is trying to sell us any bullshit labeled as "empowerment", and we can still call each other faggots without worrying about creating a Hostile Working Environment. It's not the Goonfleet Construction Company, but it'll do.

The gossip promised earlier this week is actually pretty thin gruel, and more than likely no surprise to anyone who's been keeping an eye on KakkoiCon. My source commented that they were expecting an attendance of about 2000 (quite possible) and while they have plenty of experienced con-goers, seemed a little light on leadership. Well, they have Elizabeth Sloan advising them, which won't hurt, and it's amazing how under pressure somebody usually winds up stepping forward to take charge. Good luck, guys.

It's supposed to be cloudy and wet most of the weekend. Just as well; I wasn't planning on going anywhere anyway.
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