wombat_socho (wombat_socho) wrote,

I haven't used this icon in a while...

...mostly because I haven't been chairman of anything for a while and the SSuiseiseki icon seemed more appropriate for my role in conventions since AD 2006. However, I'm going to put the Douglas MacArthur metamask on again for this post, because it seems appropriate for all the elephant shit I'm about to ladle out. Anyway, this seems a good time to note (apropos of yesterday's post about gossip) that whatever other anime fans in Minnesota might think, the official policy of ATC and Anime Detour was that other local conventions were a Good Thing, and we wished them all the best. Not that we were going to provide seed money or membership lists or anything like that, but if they asked for advice we'd be happy to set a spell and talk.

So if I have anything to say about KakkoiCon or Otaku Takeover or Not AnokA-Kon*, keep two things in mind. First, I'm not speaking for anybody but myself any more. I happily passed the ATC Secretary torch to willow_one this year**, am not currently on the staff of AD 2008, and my status as Wombat Without Portfolio is an inside joke that in no way reflects any relationship I might have with Detour, Convergence, or any other convention out there in the Great Plains. Second, as the Russians say, I sell it to you for what I bought it. I can't guarantee the truth or falsity of anything going on out there in Minneapolis or St. Paul***, and suggest that if you really want to know, you should call around/fire off an e-mail and find out when the next meeting is.

No, no gossip today.

*Stop looking. That one's not for real.
**As soon as I get moved into an apartment of my own next month and get unpacked, I swear I'll find that ZIP disk and send it to you. No, really!
***Much less the suburbs and exurbs.
Tags: anime detour, the bush of fandom
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