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the previously scheduled emo whining has been preempted for this important message

It's a small world. One of the volunteers from the first couple of Detours e-mailed me a week ago with some gossip about KakkoiCon and noted with some amusement that he too played EVE. He finally caught up with me online tonight and we had a nice chat; turns out his main is in RISE, one of the BoB pets us antisocial RedSwarmFederation types just forcibly evicted last month from their rented digs in Feythabolis while their landlord was distracted by some drunks, dopers and insane Russian anarchists at the other end of their space. Turns out we're both mainly space jews, and on hearing that I was trying to accumulate iskies for a Hulk, he sent me 100MM isk. Still not sponsoring him into GoonFleet.

Less happily, had to borrow money from my mom to cover various bills and gas money until I get my first paycheck. Depressing is not the word for this.
Need to consider how in hell I can be so full of pride as to not ask for help until I have my back to the wall while doing a pretty good job with the humility thing in other areas of my life...kind of an inverse U. Heep thing going on here or what?
Tags: domestic stuff, eve
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