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Off to the bank, but first...

I haven't checked Steven Den Beste's anime site in a while (partially because I'm still in the middle of watching the Ai Yori Aoshi boxset and don't need any more shojo anime to lust after) but he got a link from Ed Driscoll for this piece, which is actually more of an extended comment on another post elsewhere which explains why you and I and several thousand other anime fans will never fit in in Japan. Very much worth reading.

For that matter, the rest of Driscoll's post, which features an extended quote from a Mark Steyn essay for The New Criterion about Allan Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind and why the death of any but popular culture in America is serious business (RTWT!), is worth reading as well.

On a related topic, Orrin Judd notes how not all rockers were into filling the world with silly love songs, and provides the lyrics to "Fourth of July" (which I didn't realize was not original to X) as well as "Train In Vain", to mention but two of the depressing playlist.
Tags: culture w/o politics, music, the bush of fandom
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