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Half a Sunday

For once I managed not to get screwed on Fallback Sunday; I was up playing EVE until 0400 (ratting and salvaging is so time-consuming), at which point I reset the clock to 0300 and went to bed until noon.

I got together with P and did dinner at the Amphora Diner in Herndon. Their gyro is the bomb, unlike the carbonadoed crap I've been eating from that Afghan place near work, and their Napoleon is a work of art. Awesome A++++++, would definitely eat there again - but not too often. The new size 52 undies fit nicely and I'd like that to continue. We hung out at Borders looking at books for a while before heading back to the lair, hanging with RS and somebody whose name I don't recall, and discussing financial stuff. This took until 2300, and I wound up only getting half of what Mom had on the grocery list. So I'll roll out tonight to get the rest of the stuff after I do laundry.

Finished Grenadine's Spawn, which is severely chewed and will not be replaced. Dad occasionally indulged in silly but not funny novels, and this was certainly one of them. I don't know what he saw in this one, myself. There are way too many parts that read like bad pastiches of Philip K. Dick and Robert Sheckley at their drug-addled worst, and set in the late 1940s/early 1950s to boot.

I need to mix up some fresh CDs for the commute. All the ones I have sound overly familiar and the Judas Priest/Halford CD has acquired an annoying scratch in the middle of a favorite track. :(
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