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why this LJ is the way it's been lately

Iowahawk goes south of the border!
This sketchy video account is extremely cool, if occasionally NSFW
. (Instapundit)

Loyal Readers may have noticed the scarcity of links to interesting stuff of late, for which I apologize. The bottom line is that I just don't have as much time to surf as I used to, so most of my links to other blogs go unused these days. Time was I could sit around at the EBN and spend half the day surfing and making long-winded posts, and then go home for more of the same, but the construction company is making sure they get at least eight hours of paper-shuffling out of me (which really prevents surfing and posting at work, though they don't seem to care whether I do some surfing or even streaming) and after a 45-minute commute home down 395, around the Beltway and across the Woodrow Wilson, I'm too fried to want to do any kind of deep/interesting posting. So mostly what you're going to get is the relatively dull account of my life out here. This will probably change next month when I move into an apartment somewhere in Alexandria (no really!) which will shorten my commute and make it 99% less stressful because I won't have to deal with the sodding bridge any more.

Plans for today are pretty mundane. Grocery shopping for Mom, an expedition to the nether reaches of Fairfax County to visit P, and, well, that's about it.
Probably some internet spaceships, too, since I actually have time for it for the second time this week.

Finally got off my ass and moved part of my ammo & mining operation down to 2R in Feythabolis, in accordance with the will of our Glorious Leader. I need to move more stuff down there from Scalding Pass, which should be interesting. I may just bite the bullet and move my alt down from the space ghetto to 2R to deal with this stuff while my main goes off and does Fleet stuff. It's a lot of work either way - 2R is almost 40 jumps from the "west" terminus of the Eye of Terror, which is to say it's one hell of a long way from The Station Formerly Known As Rock City (77s). Either that or I'll have to gin up another jump clone.
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