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kind of like my birthday

I probably need to get out more, but when my order of office supplies arrived today I felt like it was my birthday three weeks late. Strange to feel that way over various shelves, containers and miscellaneous items, even if they are all black and metallic and therefore pleasantly Gothic. (Well, okay, the "Entered" stamp is gray. Can't have everything.) Anyway, what with all the shelves and stands, my workspace is now about three times its previous size since it's now mostly vertical. This is a good thing, since the keyboard wrist rest and mouse pad and shelves have reduced the available desk space to about 8.5x14 inches. All I need now is for my Kensington trackball to arrive from Newegg and I shall be a MONSTER OF PRODUCTIVITY* since I spent half the day being tutored on some of the more arcane aspects of the contracting and accounting software packages, which of course do not speak to each other, but since the accounting software is the CFO's piece of shit baby we can speak no ill of it, despite its being an enormous steaming pile of dung. Instead, like Noah playing Starcraft, we shall do God's the CFO's will and erect more pylons**. Anyway, now I know how to do about three times the number of things I could do before, and what sorts of things need to be handed back to the project managers with Post-It notes saying "Fix this, please?"***

Went out after work to shop for Mom and pillage the Wal-Mart for drugs and bandages and got home about 2030, which means it's time for bed now. I'd like to have a leisurely breakfast for once instead of eating McBreakfast from the drive-through.

*Obligatory half-assed Halloween reference.
** Remember, 1 cubit = 18 inches or .5 yards.
*** With strong overtones of "Or else YOU can explain to your subcontractors why they're not being paid."
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