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suddenly social

One thing about the company I'm working for: everybody seems to hang out a lot, doing lunch together and going out after work to do stuff. It's quite a change from most of the places I've worked. I've been out to lunch with my co-workers almost every day since I started, and Friday I'll be doing happy hour with Leo and Luis, who are the other two-thirds of the accounting section. Ought to be some good times.

I may have to reconsider going to see Aesma Daeva on Friday due to cash flow issues. I have some options, but none of them are really attractive. We'll see how that works out.

Picked up The Empire of Isher from the post office tonight and read a few chapters over dinner. I think I was wrong about having read both of its component novels before; there's a lot of stuff in The Weapon Shops of Isher that doesn't look familiar at all.

And so to bed.
Tags: books, domestic stuff, music, work
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