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not intended for those with an IQ below 30

Courtesy of chebutykin, this list of dangerous toys. I think it actually says more about the would-be hipsters at Radar and the nanny-state killjoys at the CPSC.

Was going to head out to Chantilly and get my book tonight, but aborted the run when I found out P's schedule had mutated to a 2000-0400 shift. Instead, I ate dinner at Il Mee, a Korean buffet that offers a decent variety of sushi and a wide range of meats (including seafood) that can -and should be- grilled right there at your table on a little propane grill. I short-changed myself by only partaking of sushi and the previously-cooked items, but next time I go I'm going to make up for my failure tonight, since at $17.95 this is not a bargain buffet.

Anyway, despite her new and annoying schedule, P and I will be going to Jaxx in Springfield Friday night to see Aesma Daeva (featuring Earl Root) and maybe this band Therion that they're opening for. Hat tip to jolest's SO Jeanne for letting me know Earl was on the loose out here, BTW. This is going to be the first concert I've been to since P and I saw Opeth with Devil Driver back at the Quest in '05, I think. Unless the MetalFest was in '06. Whatever. This ought to be good, operatic and LOUD, LOUD being the operative word here. :D

Oh yeah. First day at work as a permanent employee, nothing much changed from last week, probably not because everyone was ragging on fellow beancounter Luis about the humiliating 52-7 crushing of the Redskins yesterday by the Patriots. Eh. Football. I leave for 23 years and the Deadskins still suck. Some things never change.
Tags: family drama, food, music, work
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