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productivity itp

Apparently I've lost enough weight so that a few beers don't seriously screw up my glucose for days. Not that I'm planning on making a habit of this...

Got up about 1100, fixed an omelet for breakfast, and farted around for most of the afternoon reading Margaret Leech's Reveille in Washington, which reads a lot like Bruce Catton, and as people who know me can attest, this is a Good Thing. I also played internet spaceships, spending a couple of hours mining before becoming distracted by rats; found out the hard way that the "rename the can for extra time" trick no longer works. Killed two Angel battleships, 3-4 battlecruisers, and miscellaneous light stuff, but I'd rather have had the ore. :(

Going to go to bed shortly since my clothes are in the dryer and I aim to get up early so I can fill the gas tank on the way to work.
Tags: books, domestic stuff, eve
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