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the only normal looking people there

Woke way later than I planned and didn't get on the road until about 1330, which meant that I got to my post office box after the counter had closed for the weekend. Of course, my book was in. :(

P was cranky and irritable when I called about 1500 so I let her go back to sleep and stopped by the Chantilly Popeye's for lunch. Talked briefly on the phone with Mr. B, who has overcome infections and fluid issues but now has a back problem; despite this he'll be home next week, so we may get together and do something. Or not. We'll see. Grocery shopping for Mom followed, and then it was off to Dr. Dremo's for the Goonfleet meet. I sampled several of the beers, drank a lot of Diet Coke (so I'm not really that drunk okay?) and enjoyed the company of my fellow Goons and a couple of guys from Battlestars, which is one of the corps in the Swarm. My mug and Maximilian's Cyrillic Goonfleet shirt were admired, as were Princess Pisces' wind-up transvestite bees, which kept walking into the napkins and off the table into Kayl's lap. Many lame historical analogies were used as we talked about the war with BoB and what's to follow, and the Mittani told horrifying tales about Remedial's wedding. All this against the background of people streaming through the door dressed in costumes (for Halloween, I guess, though no party had been advertised anywhere I could see), which as the post title says made the Goons the only normally-dressed people there. Judging from some of the things I saw, I'm totally okay with that.

Since it's 0200 and I have (no doubt vain) hopes of getting up before noon and doing my laundry, I'm going to stop maundering and go to sleep.
Tags: eve, friends, laffo
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