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sometimes making a move is a BAD idea

Wound up dragging in half an hour late this morning because I made the mistake of getting off the Beltway at Van Dorn Street and trying to cut over to Duke Street, which changes into Little River Turnpike when it crosses under 395. And what a mistake it was...nasty, rain-slick hills covered with my fellow commuters all going about 5 mph when they were moving at all. I think I was lucky to get in at 0900. Anyway, I made up the time (and some extra since they let me go early the other day) and what with the hour lunch at Fuddrucker's I finally left at 1830. Yeah, I suppose I should be packing my lunch, but I'm being moderate in my eating and it's important for me to get to know the rest of the staff. This is a small company - well, a small office of a sizable company - and knowing who's who could save me a lot of trouble. So I'm going to lunch with people and schmoozing, which I'm told I do well, and getting to know the people outside the accounting department.

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving a little early so I can drop my niece Valerie off at a friend's; they're doing the open houses at UM(d) College Park and Frostburg State. I think they're more likely to go to the latter than the former, myself; it's less expensive and the entry requirements are lower than those at UMCP, which has gotten picky in a way that would start riots in Dinkytown if they tried to follow suit at the University of Minnesota. Val's grades are okay, but she apparently didn't do that well on the SAT, and cost is an issue since AFAIK her Dad's not footing her college bills. This continues a fine family tradition that requires aspiring swotsmen to raise their own college money, throw themselves on the mercy of Uncle Sam, or some combination of the two.

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