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On my first day as a new hire, I went to Chick-Fil-A

Seriously, not much change from being a temp to being a regular employee, except for taking a few minutes out to sign the job offer and the NDA/NCA. I did take a full hour for lunch today and went to lunch with the VP Ops and the CFO, who are actually about the same age I am, as opposed to my fellow bookkeepers, who are half my age. Lots of coding and stamping and research today, much like yesterday. I expect tomorrow to be much the same.

Feeling kind of dragged out and tired, so I think I'll keep the internet spaceships to a minimum and go to bed early.

EDIT: Actually, my first day is the 29th, but what the hell - they treat me like one of the guys anyway.
Tags: domestic stuff, work
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