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taking it a day at a time

Well, the assignment at the ad agency will continue tomorrow, but beyond that who the hell knows? Not me. Not my boss, either - they can't get hold of the guy I'm filling in for, which makes me wonder if he got nabbed by la migra or something. It'll last as long as it lasts. In the meantime, I'm going to indulge in some religious bigotry and declare Clients & Profits X for the Mac to be the Worst Small Business Software Ever. It's opaque, crufty, runs like a gouty mule (on a G4!), and I firmly believe it's responsible for at least 75% of my boss' problems because it's such a Byzantine POS. Jesus, Peachtree for DOS was better than this.

In other news, green chilies and bran muffins don't go together. As in, don't eat them within four hours of each other. It's Not Safe.

Going to play some Internet Spaceships before bedtime. 'Night, y'all.
Tags: eve, food, work
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