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a sad waste of four hours

Rolled out to Chantilly as I usually do on Saturdays to check my mail, carrying a laptop and some jewelry P had left here at the ancestral digs, and was pleasantly surprised to see that North American Van Lines had refunded me $200 and change. This'll make life without a real paycheck easier, that's for sure.

Unfortunately after that the day was pretty much wasted. I won't go into details, but I basically spent four hours in Ashburn waiting for things to happen. This screwed my plans to get major grocery shopping done for my mother, since my niece left for the movies at 1900 and P wussed out on her commitment to help since she had to take RS to the airport at oh-dark-thirty this morning. I wound up getting most of the non-perishable stuff and leaving the bulk of that in the Sportage to be offloaded today before my niece and I go back to Alexandria for Round 2: Pillaging the Dairy & Meat Departments. The late-night shopping was wrapped up around 0100 this morning, and I finally got to sleep about 0300. (Memo to self: Do not read any of the Flashman novels before bedtime. A hour and a half after starting you'll realize you're halfway through the damn book.)

Spicy Pickle is one of a chain of sandwich joints that offers pleasantly unusual combinations of familiar ingredients to produce excellent subs, panini, and wraps. I had a Santa Cruz sub, with smoked turkey, cheddar cheese, avocado, corn relish, chipotle mayo, lettuce & tomato; A++++ would eat there again, especially since they have the Coke product.

Picante in Chantilly is likewise good; I had the taco al carbon, which was served fajita-style with the meat sizzling on a hot plate, tortillas in their holder, beans on a separate plate, and other toppings on a cold plate of their own. Service was outstanding: the flour tortillas we ordered were quickly brought to replace the default corn tortillas which were not removed from the table. I ordered flan for dessert and it was outstanding: awesome custardy goodness not drowned in caramel sauce as it usually is. AAA, highly recommended.

Hopefully tonight I'll have time to head down the jump bridge route to the Eye of Terror and join my Pi Squad brosefs in K9 where quality rats are plentiful, and as a bonus we can also shoot the cowardly bowbs of RISE if they stick their noses out of the station. :)
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