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...or maybe not.

Well, I was certainly busy, and the money will be welcome, but unfortunately it doesn't sound like the assignment with the ad agency is going to last through next week unless the guy I'm filling in for has a worse emergency than any of his co-workers are aware of. Still, it's a nice place. I could gain weight by just walking into the kitchen, which is stuffed full of pop and snackage, but I limited myself to pretzels with my diet pop. Going back on Monday, probably for a half-day, but we'll see how that works out.

Did some minor grocery pickup for Mom, came home, played EVE - lot of mining & ratting, since I need to build my bankroll back up to about 100MM, and I need minerals to make ammo, which is where the money is. Might go down into the Eye of Terror tomorrow with my artycane and help with the ongoing boot party, at which BoB pets RISE are the guests of honor. It's cruel of me, I know, but I'm enjoying seeing their morale get soft and floppy now that they realize they've been thrown to the Goons and BoB's not riding to the rescue. Poor pubbies.
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