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murphy comes through, kind of

So the interview yesterday was a bust; they were looking for some kind of hardcore A/R collections uberbeing, and I'm just a jack-of-all-trades bookkeeper/data entry clerk who can play an accountant on the org chart. Oh well. This morning, I was lazy and slept in since I was planning on doing the monster.com submission today, but that plan was derailed when the Alexandria office called with a "OMG HELP ME NOW AAAAA" assignment that'll put me to work today for about 5 hours and probably fill next week as well. Don't have to be out there until 1:30, so it gives me a little time to check my mail and tend to other bidness before dashing off across the Woodrow Wilson bridge.

Part of my reason for sleeping in was Larry Niven's Scatterbrain, which is an interesting sort of sequel to N-Space and Playgrounds of the Mind, which if you have not read them, you absolutely should because in addition to novel excerpts (which I normally can't stand) and short stories they have essays on all kinds of cool stuff. Scatterbrain in particular has some really interesting stuff on his collaborations with Steven Barnes and Jerry Pournelle, who are very different but equally outstanding writers. Go buy a copy, will you? Not that Larry needs the money, but I know a lot of you are writers or want to be, and there's some useful tools in that there book.

Totally off-topic...this switch from burgers to chikuns of the grilled variety (and, very likely, the suppression of appetite caused by the sinus infection/Mucinex) has caused me to drop enough weight so that I can wear my belt at the second notch instead of the first. Rawk. Further reductions are in the offing, I can feel it.
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