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now we are 48

No work today, so I was free to take Mom to her echocardiogram appointment; en route, she treated me to lunch at House of Chang, which is an okay Chinese place off Livingston Road on the way to the hospital. Finding the hospital itself was a complete bitch, unfortunately. I haven't seen a hospital that well hidden since my last field problem in the Army. I swear to God, there are more signs to the damned marina than there are for the hospital...anyway, I got her there in time, played cribbage on the TX, and fell asleep in the waiting room.

After the appointment we headed home and I caught most of Moog, a documentary about Bob Moog and the electrical circuits he invented that changed the face of music. It was very cool, featuring interviews with all manner of rockers, DJs, theremin players, and other such folks; Moog was an interesting and multi-faceted guy who seemed to be more in the business of making connections than in the business of building new-fashioned music boxes. Well worth seeing, even if the only people you recognize (like me) are Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman.

Before I leave to do some grocery shopping, I leave you with your daily dose of "Awwwww", ganked from jamestrainor. I wonder, when that little guy grows up, is he going to join this outfit? Seems like a natural.
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