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Happy Columbus Day!

Which is really tomorrow, but you know the Feds, always looking for that three-day weekend...

Up early on account of my niece (who has school today) and my mother, who was loudly noodging my niece at 0800. Augh. If I didn't have to be adjusting my personal clock to get closer to a normal 8-5/9-5 schedule anyway, I'd be more irritated.

Legacy of Ashes looks like an interesting book, and one that may well provoke me to get a local library card. I've never been all that interested in the history of the CIA or the other intel agencies, since the really good stories are all classified, but after the recent bureaucratic infighting that the lads at Powerline have termed "Three Years of the Condor" I've become curious how the agency that accomplished such great things in the 1950s and 60s turned into such a politicized POS. (Rachel)

Time for coffee, breakfast, and drugs.
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